"As a policy leader, as a father, as a man, I realized that I have a responsibility to champion prevention. I can, and I need to, make
a difference."
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~ Jim McDonough, Ramsey County Commissioner

Community Primary Prevention Partnerships

In 2014, the Governor and the legislature approved the appropriation of $300,000 in the Public Safety budget, to be distributed via grants to sexual assault advocacy programs, for Supplemental Community Prevention Partnership grants. This is the first time the state has allocated general funds to support sexual violence prevention. 

Ending sexual violence is a complex social challenge that requires community-wide changes.  The purpose of these funds is to provide support to programs, acting in partnership with others in their community, to:

  • Develop an approach that addresses the specific risks or opportunities most prevalent in their community;
  • Address policies, environmental changes or changes in practices demonstrated to reduce risk or increase protective factors for sexual violence;
  • Build capacity and strengthen the ability of applicants and their community-based partners who share an interest in sexual violence prevention to implement evidence-informed primary prevention strategies; and
  • Change knowledge, skills, attitudes, opinions, motivation, and behavior.

Cohort Two Funded Communities, 2016-2018

Cohort One Funded Communities, 2014-2016





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