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Minnesota's Sexual Violence Laws

Links to selected Minnesota statutes

Criminal Offenses
609.321 Prostitution definitions
609.322 Solicitation, inducement and promotion of prostitution
609.324 Other prohibited acts (prostitution with juveniles)
609.3242 Increased penalties for prostitution in school/park zones
609.341 Definitions 
609.342 Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree
609.343 CSC in the second degree
609.344 CSC in the third degree
609.345 CSC in the fourth degree
609.3451 CSC in the fifth degree
609.3453 Criminal sexual predatory conduct
609.35 Costs of medical examination
609.352 Solicitation of a minor for sexual conduct
609.749 Harassment/stalking
617.23 Indecent exposure
617.246 Use of minors in a sexual performance
617.247 Possession of pornographic work involving minors
243.166 Registration of predatory offenders

Victim's Rights and Civil Issues
244.052 Predatory offenders; notice
244.053 Notice of release of certain offenders
518B.01 Domestic Abuse
595.02 Testimony of witnesses (advocate privilege)
609.748 Harassment; restraining order
611A.01 Definitions (crime victims rights)
611A.015 Scope
611A.02 Notification of victim services and victims' rights
611A.021 Notice of right to request withholding of certain public data
611A.03 Plea agreements; notification
611A.03101 Right to submit statement at plea hearing
611A.031 Victim input regarding pretrial diversion
611A.0315 Victim notification: domestic assault; harassment
611A.033 Speedy trial; notice of schedule change
611A.034 Separate waiting areas in courthouse
611A.035 Confidentiality of victim's address
611A.036 Prohibition against employer retaliation
611A.037 Pre-sentence investigation; victim impact; notice
611A.038 Right to submit statement at sentencing
611A.0385 Sentencing; implementation of right to notice of offender release and expungement
611A.039 Right to notice of final disposition of criminal case
611A.0395 Right to information regarding defendant's appeal
611A.04 Order of restitution
611A.045 Procedure for issuing order of restitution
611A.046 Victim's right to request probation review hearing
611A.05 Penalties no bar to civil remedies
611A.06 Right to notice of release
611A.08 Barring perpetrators of crimes from recovering for injuries sustained during criminal conduct
611A.19 Testing of sex offender for human immunodeficiency virus
611A.20 Notice of risk of sexually transmitted disease
626.556 Reporting of maltreatment of minors
626.557 Reporting of treatment of vulnerable adults

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