"As a policy leader, as a father, as a man, I realized that I have a responsibility to champion prevention. I can, and I need to, make
a difference."
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~ Jim McDonough, Ramsey County Commissioner

Sexual Violence Prevention Videos


MNCASA Webinars

        • Let’s Talk Prevention
          Hannah Laniado, MNCASA's Prevention Program Manager, leads this group learning opportunity around primary prevention. This webinar provides an opportunity to watch a mock primary prevention 101 presentation. Afterwards, Hannah and attendees delve deeper into common questions around prevention, approaches for presenting challenging content, and share ideas on how to make primary prevention accessible to multiple communities and audiences.

        • Why You Should Love Evaluation: Making Evaluation Work for You, Not Against You
          Evaluation is an important aspect of our work, but often seems like just another thing to do. What do you think when you hear “evaluation”? If "helpful" and "doable" don't initially come to mind, this webinar is for you! Susan Lange, an evaluation consultant with MNCASA for the last four years, breaks down evaluation and provides usable evaluation tools in this webinar, including logic models and ripple effect mapping.

        • Why We Can't Do Prevention Unless We Talk About Perpetrators and Perpetration
          While it stands to reason that the perpetrators or potential perpetrators of sexual violence are in the best position to prevent sexual violence by changing their behaviors, too often we don’t talk about who is doing the harming and what we can do to prevent them from acting in harmful ways. Yvonne Cournoyer, prevention expert, shares her thoughts on why it is so important for our prevention work that we understand more about who harms sexually and how to talk about them in ways that work for prevention.



People have a lot of feelings about consent. Most of us who work in the sexual violence world think consent is to our work what Newton’s Laws of Motion is to physics, or what improvisation is to jazz: essential to moving forward. However, to many people outside of our movement consent is confusing and perhaps even controversial. Check out these great consent analogies you can bring back to your community or a staff meeting to help start the conversation!


Other Helpful Videos

        • Everyday Sexism: Watch Laura Bates video about what happens when we don’t intervene.
        • Bear PSA: What if one in five men were eaten by bears?
        • Bystander Effect: Learn more about what holds people back from stepping up to intervene.
        • Step Up Video: American University demonstrates three different approaches to intervening in potentially dangerous situations.
        • What is Primary Prevention?: This video explains the socio-ecological model to sexual violence prevention.
        • Social Construction: Sociology 101: What the general population considers acceptable or normal is shaped. Find out how our cultural norms are socially constructed and why that matters.
        • How to Talk to Kids About Sexual Abuse: This two-minute video provides tips for parents struggling with how to talk about this topic.
        • Laci Green: Check out all of her amazing videos about healthy sexuality and sex positivity


Larry Cohen on Successful Prevention Efforts

Prevention Institute Director Larry Cohen chronicles the history of anti-smoking efforts, and how he helped guide a new approach that has resulted in policy and legislative changes. See how prevention efforts, like banning smoking in public places, promoting healthy eating and preventing violence, can result in healthier, happier communities.


Stop Sexual Violence: Listen and Lead

Everyone has an important role in stopping sexual violence in our communities. Learn how you can make a difference in preventing sexual violence in Minnesota.


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