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Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program

With special funding from Minnesota’s Office of Justice Programs at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, The Sexual Violence Justice Institute at the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (SVJI@MNCASA) facilitates the Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program (SMFPP). Medical forensic exams exist to provide victims a medical and forensic evaluation after a sexual assault takes place.

The Statewide Medical Forensic Policy Program, previously the Medical Forensic Exam Access Project, aims to improve consistency regarding medical forensic exam access, quality, and payment processes for sexual assault victims across the state of Minnesota. Linda Walther serves as the Program’s Clinical Coordinator.

Since beginning in 2014, the Program created multiple resources and trainings in order to increase exam quality and education.  Currently, the Program is focused on facilitating statewide workgroups that will make formal recommendations to the Department of Public Safety Commissioner.  These recommendations will address important medical forensic issues in Minnesota and will also influence what statewide medical forensic coordination should look like in the state.

Current SMFPP initiatives include:

  • Facilitating a statewide workgroup and subgroups to address pressing medical forensic issues in Minnesota and design a structure for statewide medical forensic coordination
  • Creating webinars that include medical forensic exam curriculum for emergency department nurses
  • Conducting regular site visits across the state regarding forensic compliance issues and concerns
  • Maintaining on-line resources available 24/7 to SANEs and medical forensic examiners
  • Facilitating the SANE Shadowing Program
  • Improving SANE sustainability and networking across the state
  • Providing technical assistance to programs, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and others who have questions or concerns related to the medical forensic exam
  • And more.

Questions about anything related to the medical forensic exam? Let us know! Questions about exam billing, clinical best practices, state and federal laws regarding medical forensic exams, how to improve your medical forensic response, and any other topics related to the medical forensic exam are welcome.

You can also contact us to learn more about upcoming trainings facilitated or supported by the Program, or to request being added to our email listserv that keeps subscribers up-to-date on medical forensic events and trainings.

To access our specialized medical forensic exam resources, please click here.


Linda Walther, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P

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